Saturday, November 2, 2013

Keep on Fighting the Good Fight

I came into this profession to educate children. Unfortunately, these past two years I have felt more like a fighter, than a teacher. When I do not have a piece of chalk and an eraser in my hands, I have a pair of boxing gloves on. I have taken punches.  I have been knocked down. I do not have the luxury of a real boxer to stay down for the ten count. I always have to get up. There are no TKOs or twelve rounds, just another year and another great group of students to defend. Each time I am knocked down I have to get up, not because my scorecard depends on me, but because my students do.

I find that I stand in the ring against multiple opponents. Over-testing, inBloom, State modules, poor implementation, APPR, ignorance, DDI, and SLOs are a few.  I stand in between the barrage of punches coming from all those directions and my students and the future of education.  I find that it is a tough battle, but to my comfort I find that because I stand firm on solid ground to begin with, I am tough to knock down.  I find strength knowing that there are a great number of people in my corner and the number is growing.  I take pride that I step in the ring with green gloves tightened with green laces.  As the fight wears on, I throw each punch with the belief that once I do knock an opponent down, it will not get back up.  This fight is a win-win situation.  No matter the outcome, you are never a loser when you fight the good fight.   "Ding-ding"