Thursday, December 5, 2013

Policy 4200 - A "small" change with huge ramifications for students, parents, teachers, and communities.

On December 3rd, local Assemblyman Ken Blankenbush held an educational forum where I expressed a concerned I recently stumbled upon.  My concern was about changes to Policy 4200 - Curriculum Development/Management.  At the bottom of the page is a link to a file that contains:
  • my testimony
  • old policy 4200 
  • new policy 4200
In a time where teachers are losing "creative rights" by being forced to adopt/adapt modules in their classrooms, it is becoming more apparent to me that "aligning" is becoming a token option to help sell the Common Core Curriculum as I see policy changes like the one I illustrate in this blog.  From what I understand, there is a New York State School Board Association ( that creates policies that help to guide every school board in the state.  I believe that each school board has the option to use NYSSBA policies, modify them, or create their own policies.  Regardless of what each individual school board chooses to do, THIS IS A STATE INITIATIVE coming down the pipeline from the powers at the top.

The two documents I discussed in my testimony show a disturbing shift from a highly collaborative, creative effort to one that caters towards adopting state modules.   Please read through the entire file, investigate your district's policies, and fight for the rights of students, parents, the community, and teachers to be part of the curriculum development process.