Friday, March 27, 2015

Props to Carthage Superintendent for saying Opting Out is an Opportunity

This link at the bottom is an awesome piece on opting out by WWNY. As much to my chagrin when Mr. Turner and Ms. Hanno encouraged students to take the test in the clip, I have to give props to Mr. Turner for saying what he did at 1:25 -

"there is an opportunity for parents to opt their students out if they feel that that's necessary".

Statements like this empower parents because they inform. In his statement, there is no push to take the test or opt-out. Frankly, it puts the decision in the parents hands and they must decide. This is an example of how education should be. Of course Abby and I would have been ecstatic if he encourage opting-out, but we were very happy when we heard him say what he said.

I have been critical of Carthage Central over these past couple of years, but I have to say they do treat opt-outers with more respect than other districts. I do have family outside of this area who's school is enforcing sit-and-stare for opt-outers and I hear other terrible stories from across the state. Carthage stopped the sit-and-stare last year and have an alternate location for the opt-outers and they are allowed to read.