Sunday, April 5, 2015

April is Child Abuse Prevention Month - The Irony is Disgusting.

Thanks to a friend on Facebook who posted the image below I was astounded to find out that April is National Child Abuse Prevention Month.  As a parental observer of what I see occurring in the month of April in our public schools my first reaction was a chuckle.  Don't get me wrong.  Child abuse deserves its own awareness month and needs to be addressed.  My chuckle was not the result of this serious issue, but the irony in regards to the month in which is dedicated to and the state I live in - April and New York. 

In April, 3rd through 8th grade students across New York state will be slammed with ELA and Math Common Core exams (How much time? - click here).  Traditionally, testing children is not abusive, but these tests are.  A majority of the students across the state failed these tests last year.  In my opinion, handing out a test that our students are unprepared for AND a majority will fail is a bad practice.  On the surface, it is debatable on whether or not this practice is abusive to our students.  However, it gets worse.  I came across this document several months ago - ELA 3-8 Assessments 2014 - Feedback from Schools and Districts.  I read through the comments.  A majority of them discuss the turmoil our students went through last year while taking the test.  Some of the extreme cases discuss students wetting their pants and pulling out their hair.  Debate over - these tests are abusive.  

So you see, my chuckle was not a fun one, but more of a "are you freakin' kidding me" chuckle that resulted in the irony that New York state is allowed to be abusive to children during the same month that our nation dedicated to prevent child abuse.